Principals analytical analysis

State of the art Optics Block

 - Single photodiode and LED optics system comprise a solid state detector.

 - The signal conditioning is within the solid state sensor, resulting in little or no noise.


Quality of Sensi-Tape

 -A portion of each and every Sensi-tape is tested to verify performance.

 -Each step in the manufacturing and testing process is fully documented and traceable to standards through serial number.


Accurate Multi-Point Calibration

 -Easily created, stored, and automatically retrieved.

 -Calibration curves have up to 20 levels.

 -Point to point, linear, or quadratic curves can be displayed and printed for each peak.


Dynamic combustion Technique

 -Efficient conversion of organically-bound sulphur or chloride to hydrogen sulphide or hydrogen chloride is attributed to the Dynamic Combustion Technique developed by C.I. Analytics over the last fifteen years.

 -All liquid samples are neutralized. The small size of liquid samples, usually one micro-litre, is broken into hundreds of tiny droplets, or mist.

 -The tiny droplets are vaporized and at the same time mixed with reaction gas.

 -Vaporized sample is passed through two furnaces, the first being oxidative and the second reductive.

 -Any water formed is removed by the water-removal system.

 -The windows based software has the built in capability for multi-stream capability.



 -The output from the pressure sensor, flow sensor, humidity sensors and temperature zone sensors is clearly displayed in digital and graphical format.

 -Designed to assist the operator in noticing changes before they become a problem.