R-NH2, Amines Analyzer

Amines may be categorized as either aliphatic or aromatic, based on their chemical structure. Alkylamines are used as catalysts for chemical reactions, polymerization reactions and polycondensation reactions. They are also found as component of additives for gasoline and lubricants. These catalysts need to be removed once the reaction is completed. The Amines Sensi-Tape is formulated for sensitivity and specificity to ammonia, NH3 (or ammonium hydroxide, NH4OH) and to aliphatic amines. The analyzer can detect the presence of amines in the process streams.


Ammonia (NH3) Monitoring in Ethylene Polymerization

Ethylene is an organic chemical refined from crude oil distillates. It is sold by refineries to chemical processors for polymerization to polyethylene, from which a variety of plastics are manufactured. Ammonia (NH3) is usually present in the ethylene streams in concentrations up to 1 ppm (part per million), and can contaminate the catalysts used in the polymerization process. When this occurs, the catalyst must be regenerated or replaced; a very expensive procedure in terms of time, chemicals and production losses due to process downtime. To avoid catalyst contamination, a reliable, accurate measurement of ammonia content in ethylene is desirable and has become one of the ethylene purity checks used in assessing product quality. Chemical processing plants will not accept ethylene with an ammonia concentration of 1 ppm or higher; the ammonia must be diluted, scrubbed or otherwise removed by the refiner. C.I. Analytics provides analyzers capable of monitoring ammonia and works to ensure your compliance with product quality standards.


analyzer for impurities such as amines