At C.I. Analytics the greater part of our analyzers use the proven dry-colorimetric method of analysis to achieve exceptionally low-level impurity detection ranges. In our latest breakthrough, we adapted our dry colorimetric methods to meet a customer’s requirements, making C.I. Analytics the first analyzer manufacturing company in the world to measure NOx in ethylene at levels as low as 20ppb. These instruments are designed for process and laboratory environment.

C.I. Analytics has delivered on our promise for more than a decade and works closely with you to customize your analyzer and ensure minimal interruption to your operations. Whether you need to measure Total Sulfur, Total Nitrogen, Total Chlorides, NOx, sulfur species or a variety of different elements in light hydrocarbon streams, we have the solution. C.I. Analytics follows stringent quality standards and we base most of our analysis on known ASTM or UOP methods (application specific).