Total Arsenic Analyzer

Total Arsenic can be measured in crude petroleum and in hydrocarbon stream. These Arsenic containing chemicals compounds are harmful and carcinogenic thus they must be removed as soon as possible. One simple and easy way to measure the concentration of total arsenic in refineries and laboratories is by using dry colorimetric technique. One analyzer can easily detect all arsenic containing compound in the sample.


  C.I.Analytics offers 2010L analyzer that can detect Total Arsenic, Total Chlorides, Total Nitrogen and Total Sulfur in addition to elemental impurities analysis with high levels of accuracy, speed and high degree of automation. Until recently, separate analyzers were required to measure total compounds in hydrocarbon stream which was expensive. Now, one analyzer can perform both these detections from low PPB levels to high ppm levels. With this analyzer payback is fast, due to decreased reprocessing time and maximized product output.