Total Nitrogen Analyzer

Manufacture of chemical and petrochemical products have a very important ingredient that is Nitrogen. This element has its advantages and disadvantages during the process. While it serves as a tool to extract crude oil from the ground, it also poisons catalyst used during processing when Nitrogen is present in high concentration. Under certain conditions, it also participates in the destabilization of some petroleum products. For those reasons, Nitrogen is considered an impurity in petrochemical products. This forces companies to keep track of Nitrogen presence during the process. The best method for this type of analysis is the tape detection method that measure total Nitrogen at PPB levels. A tape is placed in the analyzer to detect total concentration of nitrogen present in the sample in a matter of second or minutes.


  C.I.Analytics offers 2010L analyzer that can detect Total Arsenic, Total Chlorides, Total Nitrogen and Total Sulfur in addition to elemental impurities analysis with high levels of accuracy, speed and high degree of automation. Until recently, separate analyzers were required to measure total compounds in hydrocarbon stream which was expensive. Now, one analyzer can perform both these detections from low PPB levels to high ppm levels. With this analyzer payback is fast, due to decreased reprocessing time and maximized product output.